Switch to Professionals

Switch to Professionals

Are you unhappy with your current property manager? Looking for an efficient property management service to ensure your investment is in good hands? Then Professionals Real Estate can help!

We are a professional real estate investment and management service offering commercial as well as residential property management services across Australia. If you wish to change your property manager, for whatever reason, you can Switch to Professionals in just a few simple steps. We have been catering to the needs of property owners and investors in Australia for over 35 years now. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our services.

You Deserve the Best

Why should you suffer at the hands of a property manager offering substandard services for a heavy price?

We believe that you deserve the best. Professionals Real Estate is one of the leading real estate property management service providers in all of Australia. Many property owners tend to continue their relationship with their existing property managers in the belief that finding a more reliable and efficient property manager may be difficult and time consuming. Another belief preventing property owners from switching is that they cannot change property managers until the lease agreement with the tenant has expired.

Switching to Professionals Real Estate is a simple process which takes little time. You can switch to us anytime you want with the assurance that the process will be simple and hassle free for both you, and your tenant.

 Switch to professionals in just a few steps

1. Sign the letter of notice to your current agent and

2. Complete the Managing Authority for the Professionals to act on your behalf

Once the above documents are signed, your new Professionals property manager will notify both the tenant and the previous agent, and arrange for a time to collect all paperwork and keys for the property. You can sit back and relax, knowing the process moving forward will be taken care of by your new Professionals Property Manager.

 Talk to Us

Contact us on 07 3846 1800 today for more information about our property management services. Our team can explain the processes involved in the transfer of the management of your property  to the Professionals. Alternatively, please complete the form below to be contacted by one of our Property Management professionals.


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